Ply Split Braiding key pendant

For centuries, men in Northwest India have used Ply Split Braiding to make decorative camel belts and animal regalia.
The ancient braiding technique has now found its way back into contemporary crafts. Explore its immense scope
for making a vast range of decorative objects. Why not start here with a key pendant using our new PONY Ply Splitting Needles?
As you will see, Ply Split Braiding provides endless possibilities and is great fun!

Find the instructions here (PDF).

Egg Cosy - Tunisian Crochet for beginners

Quick and easy to make, this cute little Egg Cosy is an ideal first project using the Tunisian crochet technique. Tunisian crochet in the round using the short double-ended crochet hooks; Maple Twins.

Find the illustrated step-by-step instructions here (PDF).


Crochet Flower Bag

This gorgeous floral Crochet Bag is fresh, bright and ready for spring. Make it in your favourite yarns using the Slick interchangeable Crochet Hooks from PONY.

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll soon have your very own lovely bag bursting with flowers.

Find the instructions here (PDF).

Knooking Finger Puppets

Hello little bee, how are you today?

Knooked in a jiffy, this darling buzzy bee would love a few more friends and you’ll probably have a few ideas of your own. It’s just a matter of choosing different yarns and having fun with embellishments. Such a great way to keep your little sweethearts entertained!

Find the illustrated step-by-step instructions here (PDF).

Knooking Wristband

Cuddly wristbands in a variety of colours not only keep you warm but also add character to plain clothes. This one’s really slick!

Find the instructions here (PDF).

Knooking iPad cover

Once you’ve got the knooking bug you’ll be searching for new adventures - so don’t miss out on this nifty cover to keep your iPad well protected.

You'll find detailed instructions here (PDF).

Snazzy Knooking Shoulder Bag

Here is something really stylish to knook today; it’s very easy to make and looks great!

Follow the instructions here (PDF).

Interchangeable Crochet Hooks made from maple wood

MAPLE crochet hooks are surprisingly light, providing an almost weightless experience. This type of wood is ideal for extra chunky crochet hooks. Likewise, MAPLE Interchangeable crochet hooks with their ultra-smooth feel are perfect for chunky projects and are now also available in sizes 12 & 15 mm.

MAPLE interchangeable crochet hooks in sizes 6 &10 mm can be purchased individually but also make a splendid gift set ABSOLUTE. This set ensures you are well prepared for all upcoming projects and craft ideas. These interchangeable crochet hooks can be combined with cords of various lengths, incorporating the new solid brass combi-knobs which are suitable for hooks up to 10 mm. The wooden end-stoppers will prevent stitches slipping off the cable. Have fun!

Made from precious MAPLE hardwood, the wood for these hooks is of course sourced from sustainable forestry.

The days are getting colder ...

...and this Woolly Beanie is the perfect way to keep warm.

Made in Tunisian crochet using Pony double-ended crochet hooks you'll find detailed instructions here (PDF).

Blue Shoulder Bag

With ample space for those small essentials, this nifty shoulder bag will appeal to fashionistas everywhere.

You can make it larger by simply using thicker yarn and a bigger crochet hook or increasing the number of rounds. Easy to make, it’s an ideal project for beginners and a wonderful last-minute gift to crochet for a friend.

Find detailed step-by-step instructions here (PDF).

Cuddly Cushion – Tunisian Crochet in the round.

Tunisian Crochet combines the simplicity of crochet with the appearance of knitting. This technique produces a strong, thick fabric with a distinctive finish that looks almost like a weave.

The cushion is made in a spiral and is an easy project for beginners. Find the illustrated step-by-step instructions here (PDF).

The curved needle - a perfect solution for many projects!

Curved needles are so unbelievably useful! Until recently I just thought they were crude, heavy-duty tools for upholsterers – not anymore! These PONY needles can be used for so many handicrafts and decorative sewing projects.

Find valuable information and creative ideas here (PDF)

Everything you need ... the PONY Sewing Kit

The kit contains all the basic sewing equipment to get you started.

This sewing kit is presented in an attractive and sturdy box, making it a perfect gift for anyone new to sewing. It provides the basic essentials for the sewing basket and is a ‘must have’ kit for every household.

Find product details of the Sewing Kit components and application tips here (PDF).

Knitted Lantern Cover with
Crocheted Tree Pendant

Decorating your home in an atmospheric way is fun all year round. Christmas offers endless possibilities. How about a knitted candle lantern cover with little crocheted trees?

Find the instructions here (PDF).

Woolly Christmas decorations

Here’s a fun idea. How about a Pompom wreath? Looks great and no pine needles to sweep up. Guaranteed to stay fresh throughout the festive season.

Find the detailed instructions here (PDF).

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