Since 1991, we at PONY NEEDLES have been acutely aware of the deteriorating state of earths environment and, with this in view, we designed innovative packaging with no gluing or plastic to board sealing, thus ensuring that all PONY packaging was separable for easy recycling.


as much as necessary • as little as possible

Fast forward to 2023 and PONY’s increased sense of responsibility to society and the earth has resulted in our new line of minimal packaging, whereby we have significantly reduced the amount of paper and board for our products and the total elimination of plastics.

By greatly reducing the amount of board and paper we use, as well as our introduction of Jute as an alternative to board, we continue to make a huge contribution to the environment.


reduce • reuse • recycle

Our plastic free packaging is the best choice for sustainability! Our packaging not only reduces waste but is made from 100% recycled board and paper. The advantages are obvious as our packaging is recyclable and can easily be disposed as simple paper waste. PONY packaging is your easiest choice to reduce the environmental impact of packaging material.

Next to plastic, ink is the biggest environmental sin. To reduce our ink consumption, we have kept our graphic design minimalist, after all our products speak for themselves at the point of sale, there is no need to load up on ink to add more pollution !


secure packaging for all products

Through continuous research and trials, PONY’s final packaging design secures the product in place for all types of transportation.

  • No tangling up inside on-line box despatches
  • No tearing of cards on retail stands
  • No loosening of products from packaging during transit


advantages at a glance
  • Made from 100% renewable materials
  • Total elimination of plastic packaging
  • 100% recyclable
  • Contributes to the protection of the environment
  • Secure, consumer friendly packaging for the entire range
  • Minamalist graphics to reduce ink consumption
  • Designed for easy recycling by only using a single material for each product
  • QR Code on packaging = resource saving