PONY Chazidra Golden Temptations

The ultimate luxury with no less than 7 golden knitting tools and 10 golden stitch markers just waiting to be discovered.

The Pony pick-up needle is the easy way to catch dropped stitches as well as providing a 4 mm crochet hook. The U-shaped cable needle is the smart choice for keeping cables in place on the curve.

The Wool Needles with large flexible nylon eyes are the quick way to sew completed pieces together. The The gold eye Tapestry needle with its smooth rounded point makes embroidering on knits a breeze.

The Stitch Holder secures stitches whenever you choose to take a break and the cute little pear shaped safety pins are your nifty stitch markers. A beautiful pair of sharp pointed Stork Scissors are ideal for trimming loose ends and achieving perfection.