PONY needle pouch

As compact as an elegant wallet, these gorgeous needle pouches are beautifully created in soft felt, making them ideal companions for your smaller projects when knitting in the round , even when on the go. Each pouch is lovingly stitched by hand and contains a fabulous collection of Pony knitting needles.

For example, Pony Perfect double pointed needles made from in three carefully chosen natural woods with a silky smooth finish. Available in a choice of two lengths; 20 cm as well as 15 cm for the smallest projects. They come in small gauges, including the popular quarter sizes and are perfect for knitting items such as socks, hats, mittens and gloves in the round.

The pouch doubles up as a Stitch Saver!

As an added bonus you can secure your stitches on the needles by simply placing your knitting between the two press studs, then press to close. Hey presto, the pouch becomes ideal storage at home and the perfect solution when travelling. PONY Perfect double pointed needles in a neatly compact needle pouch with inbuilt Stitch Saver - another brilliant idea from Pony!

Choose your favourite needles, they all come in a gorgeous needle pouch.

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