PONY ABSOLUTE Crochet Hook Case

The warm feel, the light colour and the rippled grain of PONY MAPLE crochet hooks provide a wonderfully soothing crochet experience. As well as being very pleasing on the eye, these needles have a calming effect while crocheting.

These highly polished PONY MAPLE crochet hooks are made from precious sustainable hardwoods with no added chemicals to meet the demands of a biodegradable product. PONY MAPLE hooks are of outstanding quality, all the more so as the Maple wood is extremely smooth and strong, and they provide lots of possibilities. Not only are they suitable for crochet projects but they are also perfect for the unique style of Tunisian crochet as they are interchangeable.

Tunisian Crochet

PONY ABSOLUTE – The naturally beautiful Crochet Hook Case
The best way to create crochet hooks for any project

We beautifully arranged these PONY MAPLE interchangeable crochet hooks in a luxury pure cotton case with magnet closure.

Use as crochet hook or combine shanks, knobs and cables as Tunisian Hooks, Circular Crochet Hooks and Stitch Holders. As you can see, PONY ABSOLUTE makes sure you've always got the right needle or stitch holder when you need it.

The high precision PONY screw thread mechanism connects shank and cable with an easy twist. This patented GLYDON joint makes these hooks unique as they provide an ultra-smooth transition onto the clear, soft cable.