- Perfected by Nature

These needles are exceedingly strong, smooth and flexible with a stunningly attractive grain. The wood is sourced from sustainable forests to ensure a high level of environmental compatibility and good eco-balance. 

When it comes to PONY Perfect circulars and interchangeables, the superior patented joint called GLYDON assures you of a fabulous, ultra smooth and luxurious knitting experience. This high precision screw thread mechanism made from top quality solid brass connects shank and cable with an easy twist to form a tight and smooth joint.

Interchangeable Tips
The best way to create circulars for any project

Made from an exceptional combination of three natural woods without any artificial dyes or pigments, these extraordinarily beautiful needles come in luxury cases and make great gifts for knitting enthusiasts. Select either the beige suede leather case or blue felt case, both lovingly assembled by hand, Whichever you prefer, PONY PERFECT is your best choice.