Safety pins are one of those handy haberdashery items that can be used for numerous purposes. Pony safety pins are designed to be multifunctional for use in sewing, quilting and other projects. They hold fabric in place, are indispensable for emergencies and general household use as well as creative craft applications. Choose the perfect safety pin for your special requirements from the vast range available from PONY.

Safety Pins

These safety pins with fine point and smooth surface glide through layers of fabric without damaging the surface texture. They are made from steel and brass with various finishes available such as nickel, gilt and black. The balanced spring tension guarantees ease of use and consistency.

Curved Safety Pins

These are a favoured by Quilters who use them for positioning motifs and patchwork pieces, batting, and backing fabrics to hold everything in place. Thanks to the soft angle of these curved safety pins, they are perfect for securing the quilt pieces prior to stitching without the worry of fabric layers shifting.

Baby Safety Pins

A perfect way to add a cute touch to babies nappies. These pins are made from stainless steel and close safely and securely. The safety lock prevents the pin from opening during use to help avoid the pin getting caught up. The guarded coil protects the fibre from getting caught in the coil and being damaged.

Guarded Safety Pins

These safety pins are used for very fine and delicate fabric. The guard prevents the fibre getting caught in the coil, thus protecting the fabric perfectly.

COLOUR Safety Pins

Keep up with the trend for scrapbooking and making jewellery, cards and other decorative items with these colourful safety pins specifically designed for sewing and crafts.