Braid Star

Made from solid Maple wood and shaped to a smooth finish with no sharp edges, the Braid Star provides endless creative fun – the extra large grooves are ideal for thicker yarns.

Prepare by knotting together 7 equal lengths of wool and push through the central hole. Insert each strand into a slot, one slot remains vacant. Count the third strand round from the vacant slot and pass it down to the vacant slot. Repeat and work in the same direction each time. Run your hand down, pull the braid and unravel the strands to prevent tangles. To finish, take all the threads off the card. Tie a knot at the end of the braid and trim off the ends.

With PONY Braid Star and up to seven different colours of yarn, you can create cute accessories such as key rings, shoe laces, head bands, belts and bag handles in next to no time! With thin leather strings or fabric strips, more extravagant projects can be developed.