Sewing Machine Needles

Using the correct sewing machine needle can make all the difference to give you the best results for each and every sewing project. Choosing the appropriate size helps prevent the frustration of torn threads, uneven stitches or a broken needle. The subtle differences in needle thickness, length, shape of the point and size of the eye are all important factors in selecting the perfect needle for the fabric type and the thread you are planning to use.

Pony machine needles are designed for household sewing machines and made from high quality carbon steel wire. Needle sizing is in metric and indicates the needle diameter, eg; 0,8 mm. This size is suitable for delicate fabrics such as silk and chiffon as small needle sizes are recommended to ensure the point causes minimal piercing of the fabric so as not to distort the warp and weft.

For various applications and projects choose the appropriate needle size. 




These needles are designed for general sewing work on regular domestic sewing machines.


Jersey / Ballpoint

Ideal for use on stretch and synthetic fabrics, these  needles have rounded points that  penetrate through the knitted surface without piercing the thread structure. 



For fabrics where a ballpoint needle skips stitches or doesn’t produce a regular stitch length, the stretch needle is the answer. With rounded points, these slip through elastic fabrics and stretchy knitwear.

Many people will not attempt sewing Lycra and swimwear without a stretch needle.



With a  sharp point and strong shaft, the jeans needle will penetrate dense woven fabrics such as denim, canvas or vinyl.



The Metafil needle has a standard point and an elongated eye with a large groove to allow fragile metallic and synthetic filament threads to flow smoothly. It is the best choice for sewing decorative metallic threads.



With a sharp point and tapered shaft, the quilting needle is designed for piercing through multiple layers and intersecting seams without damaging the surface structure of the fabric.



With sharp point and small eye, this needle is designed for use on serger machines for overlocking seams.


Micro Fibre

The sharp, fine point of the microfiber needle is perfect for closely woven, lightweight fabrics. For straight stitching of seams and hemlines, it can also be used on silk, foils or synthetic leather. 



With a slightly triangular cutting point, the glover needle is ideal for tough and heavy materials such as natural leather and suede as it will not tear the soft surface structure. 



The embroidery needle has a softly rounded point and a large eye for decorative machine embroidery using machine embroidery threads.



A fine needle with a pointed tip for working with delicate fabrics such as silk, chiffon or organza. 



Two identical needles with universal points are mounted on a single shaft to produce two parallel rows of stitching for elastic seams and decorative effects.