PONY needles for hand sewing , embroidery and quilting are made from high carbon steel and are finished to meet the highest quality standards. The nickel plated finish gives the needle a perfectly smooth and lustrous surface, making sewing an enjoyable and effortless experience. These needles will glide through fabric with ease and you can choose from plain or gold eye and find the most suitable needle for each application from a wide variety of needle types and sizes. Enjoy the easy to thread gold eye needles or indulge in 22 carat gold plated needles for the ultimate in needle luxury.

PONY hand sewing needles are made from 18 different wire diameters following a 200 year old traditional needle sizing specification which is now a rare manufacturing practice. The controlled spring tension on these high quality needles makes them very resilient to breakage or bending and ensures smooth sewing.

There is a perfect PONY needle for every project and making the right choice will ensure successful and beautiful results.

Tapestry Needles

The extra long eye makes it easy to thread floss and wool and the blunt point enables the needle to move smoothly through the weave of needlepoint and tapestry canvas, as well as even-weave and loosely woven fabrics, without damaging them. They are also great for counted cross-stitch, needlepoint and stitching on knits.

Chenille Needles

These needles are the same as Tapestry needles with an extra-long eye, but have a very sharp point. Thick strands and metallic threads will pass through the needle eye with ease. Ideal for heavy embroidery work on closely woven materials and crafts like ribbon embroidery.


These are the needles most commonly used for general domestic hand sewing on almost any fabric. They have a sharp point and a short round eye to provide added strength and just large enough to accommodate thread. They are of medium length compared to the short quilting needles, Betweens, and the long sewing needles, Straws.


Similar to Sharps but longer, Straws are fine hand sewing needles with a short round eye and a sharp point. Excellent for basting, pleating and decorative stitches, Straws pass quickly and easily through the fabric. Straw needles are sometimes referred to as Milliners as they were traditionally used in hat making.

Quilting Needles - Betweens

These needles are much shorter than Sharps but have the same small, round eye and sharp point making them particularly suitable for penetrating fine weaves and even heavy fabrics. This versatile needle is widely used by tailors for small, intricate stitching and detailed hand work. Sizes 7, 8 and 9 are perfect for hand stitching quilts, or similar layered projects, as the short lengths make stitching through the layers fast and easy.

Crewels - Embroidery Needles

Crewels or embroidery needles are identical in length and thickness to Sharps, but with longer eye for easier threading of thicker threads and yarns, which makes them perfect for decorative stitching. They are used for most embroidery work on tightly woven non-mesh fabric.


Darning needles are larger in diameter and longer than general-purpose sewing needles. They have a sharp point and a long eye and their length allows you to draw your thread over large gaps in the fabric. They are designed for mending and darning with wool and cotton.


These are the needles of choice for leather garments and accessories. The three sided, triangular point is very sharp, allowing it to penetrate thick layers of fabric without tearing. They can be used for hand sewing on leather, suede, vinyl and soft plastic.

Easy Threading Needle

Pointed needle with a round double eye and a slot. The thread is pressed through the slot at the top of the needle, where it clicks into place and remains securely.

Curved Embroidery Needle

These fine needles are useful for decorative embroidery, invisible sewing and delicate beadwork.