Decorative head pins from PONY aren't just functional — they're great fun! Pins may be the tiniest of sewing tools but they take on big, important job. They hold pattern pieces in place, fit fabric on the body and secure all sorts of trims. Generally it’s best to choose straight pins with easy-to-grab heads. Short pins work best for small sewing projects and extra long pins are ideal for quilting. Silk pins with extra fine shafts are ideal for close weaves and delicate fabrics as they won't leave holes in the material.

Flower Head Pins

These long, colourful flower shaped pins are handy crafting tools for quilting, knitting and sewing projects. They are fine and have sharp tips which is great for holding multiple layers of fabric together with ease. The flower shaped flat heads are easy to spot and, because they are flat, they are especially convenient when machine stitching or when you need to lay a ruler or tape measure over the pinned area. A good choice for lace and loose weaves as the large flower heads won’t slip through the holes of the fabric.

53 x 0,56 mm Flower Head Pins

NYLON heads are heat resistant up to 220 Cels
HIPS heads (high impact polystyrene) - do not apply iron directly.

Pearlised Headed Pins

Decorative, fine pins made of high carbon steel wire. With the colorful, pearlised plastic ball heads these durable pins are easy to see in any fabric and less likely to go astray. Perfect for any craft or sewing project including basting delicate fabrics and machine piecing. These pins can also be used to add a quality decorative touch to any crafts and quilting projects. Find your favourite colour amongst the selection of pearlised white, black, aztec and brilliant coloured heads.

Do not apply iron on directly

Crystal Headed Pins

Crystal Head Pins are made of high carbon steel wire and have a transparent coloured plastic head. These pins help in sewing projects to mark hems and make adjustments before final sewing of seams, tucks and various other processes. The excellent sharp tips glide right through the fabric, making them well suited for quilting.

38 x 0,60 mm Crystal Head Pins

Colour Headed Pins

Colour headed pins are made of high tensile steel wire and have a plastic head. They are available in various colours and counts. These pins help in sewing projects to mark hems, quilting, and general alterations before final sewing of seams, tucks and other processes.

For quilting we recommend the 45 mm x 0,65 mm pins. The points of these longer pins slide cleanly into fabric without causing snags or unsightly holes and they will pin through multi layers of fabric and batting.

Glass Headed Pins

Glass Headed Pins are made of high carbon steel wire and have a glass head. The small, ball-shaped heads are very easy to see, and won’t melt when touched with an iron. Perfect for marking or decorating your sewing or crafting projects and great when working with several layers or with bulky fabric. These lovely glass head pins come in a multitude of colours to suit your every mood.