PONY metal snap fasteners with an S-shaped wire spring provide maximum durability and ensure that the snap fastener opens and closes consistently. These rust-free fasteners are made from brass and are ideal for garments, including baby clothes, where there is not too much tension on the opening. 

Each pair of snap fasteners has a guide hole to enable accurate positioning of the male and female component while sewing onto the garment.


Brass Snap fasteners

These all-purpose snap fasteners are a household ‘must have’ used in numerous soft furnishings, fashion garments, accessories and baby clothes. Use the bigger sizes for pocket fastenings, knitwear and as additional support to close a zipper jacket. Small sizes are perfect for cuffs, waistbands and between the buttons of a blouse.


Coloured snap fasteners,
painted metal

Colourful snap fasteners are so much more than just a tool to hold two pieces of fabric together. They make a decorative fashion statement and add to the individuality of your handmade creations. Coloured snap fasteners bring a unique charm to a variety of applications and, with nine different sizes to choose from, there is huge scope for having a lot of fun!

Coloured snap fasteners made
from polycarbonate

These bold and colourful snap fasteners are a real favourite when it comes to trendy decorative detail. There are five sizes available in bright blue, green, red and yellow and they are perfect for a wide variety of applications when metal snaps are not an option.


Transparent snap fasteners made from Polycarbonate

When snap fasteners need to be discreet these alternative transparent closures are the perfect solution. These snaps are very popular for baby and children’s garments, light jackets and pillows.