PONY Tunisian Crochet

The unique style of Tunisian Crochet produces strong, warm and thick fabrics with a distinctive, almost woven finish. PONY Tunisian Crochet Hooks are smooth, lightweight and perfect for the job! Made from high quality aluminum, they are produced using specialised anodising techniques which provide the supremely even grey coating. Bigger sizes are made from ABS plastic.


The PONY One End Tunisian Crochet hook is used for classic Tunisian Crochet for straight and flat projects. Choose from Classic silver grey and Colour.


PONY Double-Ended Tunisian Crochet Hooks are ideal for working in the round, seamlessly and can also be used with two colours for a different effect.


The PONY Circular Hooks with flexible cord and twin hooks make double-ended Tunisian Crochet quick and fun. With the long and strong cable, large garments can be taken on with ease as the pins will carry only a portion of the working stitches thus placing significantly less stress on hands and wrists as the bulk of the garment’s weight sits on the cable which usually rests comfortably on the lap. An additional bonus on all PONY Circular Hooks is the patented GLYDON joint, which provides a smooth transition onto the clear, soft cable.

PONY Colour Crochet Hooks attract our attention with their extra smooth, polished surface and their
gorgeous metallic colours. The PONY high precision screw thread mechanism GLYDON connects hook and
any PONY cable with an easy twist. Made from the highest-quality colour anodized aluminium, the lightweight PONY Colour interchangeable Crochet Hooks come as single hooks or as PONY Chroma crochet hook case.

PONY Maple Crochet Hooks are also equipped with our GLYDON screw thread mechanism engineered from top grade solid brass. Create your individual PONY Maple Tunisian hook by connecting these bright hooks with any PONY cable in one simple clockwise twist. Warm and silky to the touch as well as being of outstanding quality, these highly polished hooks are made from sustainable precious Maple hardwood with no added chemicals. Available as single hooks and as PONY Absolute crochet hook case, these hooks provide a wonderfully soothing crochet experience.

The 15 cm PONY Double-Ended Crochet Hooks are made from sustainable Maple wood and are called MAPLE TWINS. They are perfect for smaller projects in Tunisian Crochet such as egg warmers or finger puppets. They come in packs of five hooks including a set of 4,5,6,7 and 8mm which provides endless scope for creativity! 


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