PONY Wool Crochet Hooks

Find the perfect crochet hook amongst the wide assortment of PONY crochet hooks suitable for wool and yarns. Choose from aluminium or plastic, classic silver grey or glorious colour. For a natural option, choose Bamboo, light Maple wood or precious Rosewood and, for a superbly relaxed crocheting experience, the PONY soft handle crochet hooks are especially popular.

FLAIR                                   3 - 10 mm

A fine choice of warm natural colours characterizes these exquisite needles. Created with organic colours and hand applied individually, each PONY FLAIR crochet hook is made to delight you. They are made from sustainable German precious Hardwood Maple, highly polished and free from chemicals.

PERFECT                                3 - 10 mm

The exceptional combination of three natural woods offers you a range of smooth, strong, flexible and beautifully coloured crochet hooks containing no artificial dyes or pigments! PONY PERFECT crochet hooks are sourced from sustainable forests.

EASY GRIP                            2 - 15 mm

These crochet hooks in bright colours have a soft, comfortable handle for a more relaxed crocheting experience. The easy thumb rest supports both the knife and the pencil hold technique and means less strain on the hands while crocheting. With a different colour handle for each size it is easy to remember which hook you are meant to be using.

EASY GRIP gift box

The shinky silver anodised aluminium hook of these Easy Grip crochet hooks will delight every crocheter. The perfectly shaped point makes it easy to get into the stitches and at the same time prevents splitting the yarn. Available from January, 5 sizes in the attractive and plastic-free gift box will make a great gift, a treat, a one-off feeling in crochet.

2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00 mm.

ERGONOMIC Crochet Hooks     2 - 6 mm

These great value, colourful crochet hooks have a soft, comfortable handle for a more relaxing crocheting experience. Discover the comfort of these well designed, ergonomically shaped, soft rubber handle crochet hooks that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They provide ultimate luxury whilst you work on your creative projects at the same time as reducing any strain to your wrists and hands.

COLOUR                                2 - 20 mm

Colours are uplifting, providing inspiration and pleasure for every keen crocheter. These gloriously coloured aluminium and plastic crochet hooks with their special metallic-like lustrous surface are the ultimate hooks for every crochet enthusiast.

CLASSIC                               2 - 20 mm

Choose your favourites from the PONY CLASSIC range of aluminium and plastic crochet hooks. The cool, smooth finish of the aluminium hooks help speed up your work and these are available with or without handle. The plastic hooks in the bigger sizes are remarkably light weight and great for use with thicker yarns.

BAMBOO                                2 - 10 mm

Experience the smooth, lightweight feel of precious Indian Bamboo. PONY BAMBOO crochet hooks are made from fast growing, sustainable bamboo, a natural product providing strength and flexibility. 60% lighter than aluminum needles of the same size, the PONY Bamboo hooks keep your hands relaxed. Bamboo absorbs the skin moisture and does not give an electrostatic charge which makes them very popular for people suffering from rheumatism or allergies

BAMBOO SILVER                       2 - 8 mm

The sleek aluminium heads and comfortably shaped bamboo handles of these beautiful crochet hooks provide a brilliant combination. They feel wonderful to work with and are the perfect solution for those who love the tactile appeal of wood but prefer to crochet with a metal hook. These hooks are comfortably light for relaxing crochet projects and won’t tire your hands or wrists, even after hours of crocheting.

MAPLE                                  3 - 25 mm

The warm feel, light colour and smooth finish of the MAPLE crochet hooks provide a wonderfully soothing crochet experience. Made from German precious Hardwood Maple, these crochet hooks are extremely strong and durable. The evenly rippled grain and natural elegance of the MAPLE crochet hooks is very pleasing on the eye and makes for a totally calm, relaxing crocheting experience.

ROSEWOOD                            4 - 10 mm

Treat yourself to luxurious crochet hooks made from the highest quality South Indian Rosewood, a natural raw material from sustainable forests providing strength and durability. Each hook is individually polished by hand to give a distinctive smooth surface. The beauty of this precious wood, with its rich auburn grain, means each and every one of these noble hooks are unique, making your crocheting a real delight.