PONY Steel Crochet hooks

Steel Crochet hooks are the right choice for detailed crochet work that requires finer yarns and threads for techniques such as filet or lace. There is a hook for every preference with or without a handle.

The Ergonomic Handle crochet hooks provide a well designed, ergonomically shaped, soft rubber handle which fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. They provide ultimate luxury during work on creative projects reducing any strain to your wrists and hands.

PONY steel crochet hooks with the Easy Grip in bright colours have a soft, comfortable handle for a more relaxed crocheting experience. The easy thumb rest supports both the knife and the pencil hold technique and means less strain on the hands while crocheting. With a different colour handle for each size it is easy to remember which hook you are meant to be using.

The Bamboo Handle crochet hooks feel wonderful to work with and provide the perfect solution for those who love the warm feel and tactile appeal of wood but prefer to crochet with a metal hook.

No matter which of the PONY hooks you choose, the throat of all PONY crochet hooks is perfectly shaped and guarantees a pleasurable, comfortable crochet experience.

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