PONY Beading Needles

These very fine, long needles are especially designed for threading sequins and beads. The long, narrow eye allows even tiny seed beads to glide onto the needle. Also ideal for general crafting with beads.

PONY Bead Embroidery

This needle is short and strong with a very small eye making it suitable for a variety of embroidery techniques including fine bead embroidery.

PONY Ultra long Beading needles

This slender needle is 11.5 cms long making it perfect for threading multiple beads and sequins for jewelry projects such as necklaces or bracelets. They are very flexible to resist breakage.

PONY Twist Beading Needles

Made from twisted, fine steel wire and with a large, flexible eye, this needle is the perfect choice for threading beads on silk cords or ribbons. They are very flexible and resist breakage.