Metal thimbles

The PONY thimble range responds to all your sewing, darning and quilting needs. Whether you prefer nickel-free chrome thimbles with a flat, non-slip top or a bit of luxury with the precious 22 carat gold-plated thimbles. The rim of the metal thimbles ensures that needles do not slip while sewing and quilting.

In 6 different sizes:
14 – 15 – 16 – 16,5 – 17 – 18mm.

Coloured Metal thimbles

Popular chromalised zinc thimbles from PONY in 10 gorgeous colours! The ridged grid top prevents needle slippage while sewing, darning and quilting.

Coloured Plastic thimbles

Rounded top, plastic thimbles that are exceptionally lightweight for ease of use. Available in 10 colours.

Fabric Clips

The flat base of these clips ensures easy machining when feeding fabric through the presser foot. A time saving alternative to pinning and an effective way to hold multiple layers of fabric together.

Seam Ripper

This essential cutting tool for sewers and quilters is perfect for effortless and accurate seam ripping and for cutting threads. The PONY seam ripper has the added advantage of a safety point to protect the fabric and, for a better grip, this convenient tool is available with an ergonomic handle.

Also available with the "Easy Grip"!

Tracing wheel

Indispensable for transferring patterns onto fabric with or without tracing paper, or transferring patterns onto paper. The PONY Tracing Wheel is available with an ergonomic handle.

Also available with the "Easy Grip"!

Loop Turner

Turning narrow tubes of fabric right side out is quick and easy with the help of the PONY loop-turner. It’s also handy for retrieving lost elastics and cords from drawstring waistbands. Simply slide this handy tool through the tubing, attach the latch hook to the end of the cord or elastic and pull it through to secure. It’s also very useful for making straps or handles.

Pin Cushions

To have your pins and needles close to hand is a real boon for all aspects of sewing and dressmaking. The PONY pin cushion is a classic. The drop-shaped pin cushion and wrist pin cushion are tightly filled with polyfil to hold pins rigidly and to prevent rust. Cushions are machine washable at low temperature. The wrist pin cushion with Velcro closure can be adapted to fit individual wrist size.

Tape Measures

The flexible PONY tape measures are made from fibre glass and show metric measurements on both sides. They are abrasion and light resistant to ensure a longer working life. The retractable tape measure includes both imperial and metric markings and the locking mechanism allows you to pull out the length of tape needed and then lock the unit so it won’t retract until unlocked. The cassette protects the tape measure and keeps it clean and free from kinks.


Dropped your pins and needles? Never mind, the Pony magnet picks up even the finest needles and metal objects with ease and also keeps them in a safe place until required for use.

Tailor’s Chalk

The traditional premium grade compressed Tailor’s chalk from PONY is a must-have in any sewing kit. It is used for temporary markings on fabric to position pockets, hems, darts, seams and cutting lines for dressmaking and other sewing projects. Available in 4 colours.


The PONY Chalk Wheel is a convenient plastic applicator containing powdered chalk to mark precise lines. Refills available.

Important Note: Markings can be removed easily after use by wiping off or will disappear after washing.