Sock blocker

The PONY sock blocker puts an end to shapeless socks!
In collaboration with Woolly Hugs (Veronika Hug), PONY launches sock blockers made from colour anodised aluminium. Ideal for blocking wet socks so they dry to the perfect shape and size. Ultra-smooth and beautifully rounded, just like a PONY knitting needle, the PONY sock blocker comes in four sizes and each has its own gloriously glossy colour so it‘s really easy to pick out the right one for a snug fit.


Sock shaped Point protectors

Ready for PONY point protectors in a stylish sock shape? Take a short break from knitting and let these cute little socks keep your stitches safely on the needle. In 7 vivacious colours, these point protectors are not only practical but are also the perfect decorative accessory for brightening up your knitting project.
For needles from 4 to 7mm and from 7 to 12mm.


Natural Wood Stitch Markers

Make knitting more fun with these gorgeous wooden pearls. Perfect for marking the beginning of rows or a stitch pattern change. They are individually coloured by hand using organic dyes.


Wool Needles

One of our most popular products for sewing with yarn is now also available in eye-catching vibrant colours. These beautifully smooth needles have a flexible clear nylon loop for easy threading. Perfect for tidying loose ends as well as for piecing knitted garments together.


Wool Pins

These delightful pins are perfect for piecing knitted sections together, ready for stitching. They have rounded tips that will not damage yarn and the pin heads are beautifully decorated in glorious organic colours that are applied by hand.

Knitting Calculator

This ingenious knitting calculator allows you to adapt patterns to suit different sizes and gauges. The tool works as well for adapting written patterns as for designing knits from scratch. See immediately without bothersome working out, the number of stitches and the rows you need to obtain the required width and length of the garment to be knitted based on your knitted swatch.

Point Protectors for DPN's

Put these cute bell shaped point protectors on the end of your double-pointed knitting needles and they will be stored securely.

They also prevent stitches from slipping off the needles and are especially useful if you like to knit on the go!

Point Protectors

Tidy up your knitting basket. Put the point protectors on the ends of your knitting needles and they will be stored securely. Made from soft rubber, they also prevent stitches from slipping off the needles and are especially useful if you like to knit on the go!


Knitters Marking Pins

When adding decorative elements onto your knit or crochet project, these practical pins come in handy. Made of steel, these strong needles fix the element onto the knitwear while sewing the edges. They have a blunt tip in order to prevent damage to the fibres.


Knitters needles

For sewing knitted pieces together, running in yarn tails and for adding surface decoration on knitted pieces, this tapestry set of long, large-eye needles with rounded points comes in handy, especially when using thicker yarns. The wool needle set, consisting of one tapestry and one chenille needle, is a favourite for knitters who like to work with a sharp pointed needle.

Wool needles

The unique design of this needle, with flexible clear nylon loop, allows for quick threading, making it ideal for thick yarn and it also makes sewing in loose ends and joining knitted pieces together so much easier.


These long aluminium bodkins are another unique design with large, flexible nylon loops for easy threading and with ball point ends. They are perfect for threading elastic, ribbon or tape through hole patterns, casings and lace openings and the rounded points prevent the bodkin from piercing the fabric.

Flexible Bodkins

Long flexible braided steel wire needle with adjustable loop at one end. Insert yarn or elastic through the loop and tighten bead to hold in place. Then guide the bodkin through the casing. The rounded bead on the tip makes it safe to slide through without damaging the garment.

Stitch Holder

Separate stitches when knitting collars and cable patterns or when using different yarns. PONY Stitch holders close like safety pins and the secure locking design makes it easy to hold stitches without snagging your knit. The large stitch holders are convenient when putting the knit project aside to secure the stitches. Available in different sizes in brilliant colours and pearlgrey.

Circular Stitch Holder

Stitch holders are an essential accessory in any knitters’ basket and these circular ones from PONY are something exceptional. They enable you to knit off your row of stitches and hold them on the lockable stitch holder. When ready to pick the project again, simply knit back onto the needles.They are perfect for larger projects where flexibility is needed.

Row Counter

A row counter can be very useful, especially when working patterns or shapes where several rows need to be repeated over and over. It helps you keep track of the number of rows knitted and easily slides onto the needle. There are four different sizes to suit different knitting needle sizes.

Yarn Bobbins

Complicated intarsia designs can be a little easier when you use yarn bobbins. These enable you to work with several small quantities of yarn to prevent entanglement. They are also an ideal way to tidy up the wool basket and they come in bright colours in two sizes and in rectangular or fish shapes.

Knitting Gauge

Most needles come with the size marked on the shank or needle head but the knitting gauge is useful for checking the size of unidentified needles, including double-pointed needles and crochet hooks. The metric and US measurements along the edge of the gauge are also helpful for taking measurements on tension squares. As an additional bonus, there is also a handy integrated sharp blade which cuts yarn easily.

Cable Stitch Needle

Cable stitch needles from PONY help to keep cable stitches under control. They hold your stitches securely when knitting cable patterns and can be placed in front or behind the knitting. We recommend using a cable needle in the same size or slightly smaller than your working needle size. Choose from bent or straight needles.

Cable Stitch Needle, U-shape

The U-shape cable needle is a smart way to keep cable stitches in place on the curve of the needle – a smart idea especially when knitting with thicker yarns. The cable needle hangs down with cable stitches secure in the middle, well out of the way whilst you carry on knitting.

Pom-Pom Maker

Make furry Pom-Poms with ease using these Pom-Pom Makers. Comes in a set of three different sizes.

ø 3,5 / 5 / 7,5 cm

French Knitter

The wooden French Knitter from PONY is a delightful crafting tool that provides lots of fun, especially for beginners taking their very first steps in the world of creativity. Painted in natural vegetable dyes with finished with a glossy lacquer coating to give a smooth and comfortable handle that makes it a delight to work with.

LUCET Knitting Fork

The PONY Lucet is hand-cut, shaped and polished to a super-smooth finish from Maple wood. Perfect for making cords and a great introduction to yarn crafts and braid making. Perfect for all ages from 6 years, it’s a fantastically simply way to get creative.

Safety Stitch Markers

They look like tiny plastic safety pins and snap shut securely. These knitting markers are a great help when working with stitch patterns, beginning a new row or marking increase or decrease points. Available in pretty colours and two sizes.

Wool Comb

This handy accessory gently removes lint and pilling on knitwear and woolen garments that are showing signs of wear. Simply brush over the damaged area using light strokes.

Knitting Thimble

Tired of getting your yarns in a tangle on Fairisle and intarsia projects? The knitter’s thimble could be the solution. This clever little device guides multiple strands over the fingers.