This ancient braiding technique has found its way back into contemporary crafts. Today, fibre artists are exploring its immense scope for making a vast range of decorative objects from exciting fashion and home accessories to avant-garde three-dimensional structural pieces. Ply Split Braiding is used by the makers of the original Wayuu Mochila bags and you can now have a go at making your very own braids for a boho bag.


This latest venture into ply split braiding knows no bounds, from bracelets to baskets and rugs, weavers and braidmakers are taking this technique in exciting new directions.

Ply Split Braiding is easy to learn so why not start here with a colourful key pendant?
Find the instructions here ...

Whether you create handmade textile jewellery, bags, belts, hats, garments or exquisite embellishments for the home, Ply Split Braiding provides endless possibilities and is great fun!