PONY Beading Needles

These very fine, long needles are especially designed for threading sequins and beads. The long, narrow eye allows even tiny seed beads to glide onto the needle. Also ideal for general crafting with beads.

PONY Bead Embroidery

This needle is short and strong with a very small eye making it suitable for a variety of embroidery techniques including fine bead embroidery.

PONY Ultra long Beading needles

This slender needle is 11.5 cms long making it perfect for threading multiple beads and sequins for jewelry projects such as necklaces or bracelets. They are very flexible to resist breakage.

PONY Twist Beading Needles

Made from twisted, fine steel wire and with a large, flexible eye, this needle is the perfect choice for threading beads on silk cords or ribbons. They are very flexible and resist breakage.

Mattress Needle

These long, sturdy needles are for sewing heavy fabrics used in upholstery work, tufting, tying quilts and for general repair.

Curved Mattress Needle

Curved mattress needles are ideal where only one side of the fabric is accessible, for example on upholstered seats.

Doll Needle

Extra long with a large eye and sharp point used for doll making and soft toys whre thread often needs to travel through thick wadding.

Pack Needle

Strong, thick needles curved at the bayonet end that are used with pack thread when repairing items made in heavy fabrics. They have a large eye and rounded point.

Sack Needle

Heavy duty darning needles designed to withstand wear and tear. Made using the very finest quality steel for a long life.

Sail Needle

Similar to leather needles, they have a triangular end that is tapered further up the needle to minimize the effort required for hand stitching heavy sail cloth or leather. Use for repairing canvas or sewing leather.

Capoteras/Sashiko Needle

Perfect for the decorative stitch technique Sashiko, these needles are also used for appliqué work and other crafting projects. The width of the needle is uniform all the way up to the tip and has a large eye so it can be threaded easily.

Sewing Machine Needles

Using the correct sewing machine needle can make all the difference to give you the best results for each and every sewing project. Choosing the appropriate size helps prevent the frustration of torn threads, uneven stitches or a broken needle. The subtle differences in needle thickness, length, shape of the point and size of the eye are all important factors in selecting the perfect needle for the fabric type and the thread you are planning to use.

Pony machine needles are designed for household sewing machines and made from high quality carbon steel wire. Needle sizing is in metric and indicates the needle diameter, eg; 0,8 mm. This size is suitable for delicate fabrics such as silk and chiffon as small needle sizes are recommended to ensure the point causes minimal piercing of the fabric so as not to distort the warp and weft.

For various applications and projects choose the appropriate needle size. 




These needles are designed for general sewing work on regular domestic sewing machines.


Jersey / Ballpoint

Ideal for use on stretch and synthetic fabrics, these  needles have rounded points that  penetrate through the knitted surface without piercing the thread structure. 



For fabrics where a ballpoint needle skips stitches or doesn’t produce a regular stitch length, the stretch needle is the answer. With rounded points, these slip through elastic fabrics and stretchy knitwear.

Many people will not attempt sewing Lycra and swimwear without a stretch needle.



With a  sharp point and strong shaft, the jeans needle will penetrate dense woven fabrics such as denim, canvas or vinyl.



The Metafil needle has a standard point and an elongated eye with a large groove to allow fragile metallic and synthetic filament threads to flow smoothly. It is the best choice for sewing decorative metallic threads.



With a sharp point and tapered shaft, the quilting needle is designed for piercing through multiple layers and intersecting seams without damaging the surface structure of the fabric.



With sharp point and small eye, this needle is designed for use on serger machines for overlocking seams.


Micro Fibre

The sharp, fine point of the microfiber needle is perfect for closely woven, lightweight fabrics. For straight stitching of seams and hemlines, it can also be used on silk, foils or synthetic leather. 



With a slightly triangular cutting point, the glover needle is ideal for tough and heavy materials such as natural leather and suede as it will not tear the soft surface structure. 



The embroidery needle has a softly rounded point and a large eye for decorative machine embroidery using machine embroidery threads.



A fine needle with a pointed tip for working with delicate fabrics such as silk, chiffon or organza. 



Two identical needles with universal points are mounted on a single shaft to produce two parallel rows of stitching for elastic seams and decorative effects.



PONY Sewing needles with colour coded eyes

Find your hand sewing needles quickly and easily and put an end to needles going astray in the sewing box. Colour coding the needle eyes is a user-friendly idea from Pony to find the correct size at a glance for every fabric type.

Available with colour coded eye: Tapestry, Chenille, Crewel and Beading Needles.

Compact storage box

Crewels, Tapestry and Chenille needles are also available in smart and compact storage boxes.

PONY Keepsafe needle storage
offers tidy solutions!

The full range of PONY Hand Sewing Needles is available in Needle Keepsafe packs. Choose from plain, gold eye, or fully gold plated.


Ideal for travelling, the handy size of the clear container keeps needles organized and can be tucked into a handbag or office drawer for emergency repairs. The magnetic lip prevents the needles from falling out so you’ll never lose a needle again.

Counter Display

Convenient and attractive display packaging for impulse purchase. The standard filling includes 20 Needle Keepsafe cases.

Content: 5 cases each of Sharps 5-10, Crewels 3-9, Tapestry 18-24 and assorted Household needles with gold eye.

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