PONY Knitting and sewing accessories

in the environment-friendly JUST JUTE© Box


PONY JUST JUTE© keepsafe boxes made from one of the world’s most sustainable fibres, makes knitting, sewing and all ‘crafting’ a real joy.

JUST JUTE© Coloured Safety Pins

No need for these cute safety pins to take a back seat. Colours find their way into haberdashery as well and colourful safety pins are so much more than just a tool to hold two pieces of fabric together. Keep up with the trend with these useful tools for sewing and crafts, for making jewellery and decorative products. Colourful safety pins support your creativity and in a constrasting colour to the farbic are real eye-cathers. The JUST JUTE© box brings you 100 colourful safety pins in four different sizes, made from painted brass.

JUST JUTE© Sewing Accessories

Sewing accessoris always at your fingertips in the JUST JUTE© box containing all the basic sewing equipment to get you started. Find a pair of colourful craft scissors, a tape measure, four fabric clips, a seam ripper, 30 gold eye sewing needles in various sizes and two needle threaders. With all this in a wonderful storage box you’re set and ready for your first sewing project! The space-saving, sustainable JUST JUTE© box keeps it altogether and fits in every project bag or handbag. Also makes a perfect gift for a friend who’s new to sewing.

JUST JUTE© Stitch Markers

These colourful Safety Stitch Markers come in handy. They are just like miniature plastic safety pins and designed to slip onto the stitches. Snap, shut and securely mark stitches or indicate colour changes. These helpful tools will also fit on the needle, large markers even up to 10 mm and can easily be taken off when no longer needed. The JUST JUTE© box stores 15 large and 25 small markers in a choice of appealing colours.

JUST JUTE© Wooden Stitch Markers

Make knitting fun with these gorgeous little Stitch Makers. Their wooden beads are individually coloured by hand using organic dyes. Threaded onto a coloured nylon cord, these lovely hand painted wooden beads become small pieces of jewellery. A most beautiful way to mark the beginning of rows or a stitch pattern change. 10 of these pretty markers in different colours find their place in the smart JUST JUTE© box.