The environment-friendly solution!

We proudly present our next packaging alternative: PONY JUST JUTE© needle cases made from one of the world’s most natural fibres and, with the environment in mind, without any additional outer packaging.

PONY JUST JUTE© can lead to a sustainable and efficient fight against plastic consumption, with the added benefit of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, lowering our carbon footprints, and finding new and alternative resources to fight climate change. As the method used for processing Jute has barely changed in a century, the cases are made with no chemicals and are completely biodegradable.

Jute plant grown in Bengal, India. The jute plant has an extremely low carbon footprint and is an amazing crop for the environment as the plants are rain fed and require no pesticides, or fertilisers, or irrigation.

After separating out the fiber from the plant, the fibers are dried in the sun. Jute stores a high amount of carbon and releases large quantities of oxygen into the air, even more than some trees do!

Bundles of dry jute are sent to textile factories and jute weaving mills. Jute weaving is as old as the ancient civilization of the Indus Valley and is mentioned in Sanskrit texts, the world’s oldest language recorded.

PONY JUST JUTE© products are sturdy and customer-ready. They can be casually stored in boxes, bags and drawers with no worries on pins escaping. A true plastic-free and space-saving storage for every environmentally conscious knitter.

Our JUST JUTE© products

JUST JUTE© needle cases are available in various designs containing popular sizes of PONY PERFECT and PONY COLOUR double ended pins and interchangeables.

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PONY Nadeltaschen aus Jute

Alternatively, take your choice from four stylish JUST JUTE© boxes. Each box contains Pony favourites: coloured safety pins and safety stitch markers as well as wooden stitch markers and sewing accessories.

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PONY Nadeltaschen aus Jute