PONY needles in the climate neutral needle case

made from jute

Jute is the environmentally friendly natural fibre with a very silky and golden sheen giving it the name the golden fibre. The jute fibre is very strong and durable and is therefore ideally suited for the production of the new Pony needle cases.

Jute is the sustainable alternative to plastic. Plastic decomposes slowly over hundreds of years and the resulting microplastic often ends up in the sea which greatly endangers animals and nature. Jute, on the other hand, has been known for thousands of years for its ecologically valuable properties and, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, also contributes significantly to waste reduction.

  • Jute is a high fiber, fast growing plant
  • Jute is completely biodegradable and recycleable
  • Jute is exceptionally strong
  • Jute has low CO2 foot print
  • Jute has low water foot print

PONY jute cases

Every PONY needle is safely stored in the sturdy jute case. Functionality and modern design have been perfectly coordinated giving a high level of timeless elegance to each needle case. Thanks to its handy and compact format, it easily fits into any project bag or drawer and ensures that no needle gets lost. A truly plastic-free and space-saving needle case for every environmentally conscious knitter.

jute cases

Beautiful PONY Colour aluminium anodised pins with an extra smooth, polished surface assure you of a supremely comfortable and fabulous knitting experience.

PONY COLOUR jute cases

PONY PERFECT jute cases

jute cases

The PONY Perfect Premium wooden needles, manufactured to perfection containing no artificial dyes or pigments. The exceptional combination of three natural woods provides smooth, strong and flexible pins with a remarkably beautiful grain.

The high precision screw thread connects shank and cable with an easy twist. This patented GLYDON joint ensures ultra-smooth and snag-free transition of the stitches onto the clear and soft cable.

Glydon patented joint

Jute – the environment friendly natural fibre

The new PONY jute cases can lead to a sustainable and efficient fight against plastic consumption, with the added benefit of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, lowering our carbon footprint, and finding new and alternative resources to fight climate change.

The jute used grows in Bengal, India, on fertile alluvial soil without fertilisers and artificial irrigation. The Jute plant has an extremely low carbon footprint and is an amazing crop for the environment as the plants are rain fed and require no irrigation. Jute stores a high amount of carbon and releases large quantities of oxygen into the air, even more than some trees do!

Jute weaving originated in the ancient civilization of the Indus Valley and is mentioned in Sanskrit texts. As the method used for processing Jute has barely changed in a century, the PONY jute cases are made with no chemicals and are completely biodegradable.